Endless Gifts (50)

Morning conversations about nothing in particular over a french press

Robert putting together my new shelf I thought I wouldn’t get until Christmas, and finally feeling organized!


Growing families

New fun coloring books for grown ups and sharing some of the funnier pages with friends to help brighten their day

Getting the cherry in the fruit cocktail still makes my day just like it did years back when I was a kid (and thankfully now I won’t pitch a tantrum if I don’t end up getting it)


Even if I didn’t interact with them often, there were three very special members of this community that have left but I am honored to have served alongside them and for the impact they’ve had here

That I have the privilege to live alongside people who are changing the face of healthcare in this country

A talented young woman who is helping to make the shop a little nicer and eye catching (more photos to come once its complete)


The beautiful women of B Ward (women’s health ward) and their beautiful pictures of Matthew 5:14 – you are the light of the world

Molly’s heart to bless the B Ward ladies with a fancy dinner 🙂

Christmas planning and the many people who are excited and eager to help make it a very special season indeed


A great roomie chat with Deb about ship life and the weird struggles and anxieties we all have here and being able to laugh at them and feel normal

Headlamps, when the light goes out in your bathroom on the weekend its a complete lifesaver

The prayer support of friends

Ice cream for lunch and an afternoon in town with Laurette

A new friend and kindred spirit and already making plans for an epic trip when its time to leave the ship

Dinner with a view and good, honest conversation


Shea’s thoughtfulness in signing me up for a different washing machine when she noticed the one I was supposed to use was broken… again with the laundry room blessings

Finding a photo of kiddo with a walker because, these kids with walkers just make my heart happy


Two unique experiences to see the heart of the men of this community and to be moved to tears by how they worship in prayer and song

That young girls on this ship are growing up surrounded by so many godly men

A Captain who is up for doing something silly and fun on a Monday morning meeting





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