Endless Gifts (51)

A small group that inspires me and encourages me with their personal stories of God’s faithfulness to relentlessly pursue our hearts

Opportunities to be a part of the Academy and bless the kids, even if its just reading a quick story on D.E.A.R day

One step closer to Pier 99 being complete thanks to one young woman’s talent and passion for creating


Sneaky coffee 2.awesome and an extra sneaky coffee on Thursday

Two lovely birthday cakes (one by Calypso staff, one by Joyce and Edwina)


Affirmations and encouragement all in my love language of written words


Extra fine point colored pens

Country next is Benin!!

Team dinner out and fun photo opp later as a send off to Billy for his almost one year of faithful service on the Sales team


All the many deckhands who helped moved Christmas boxes so what was going to take hours only ended up taking 30 minutes

A sweet skype message from my nieces and nephews and Miriam’s adorable demand “My want chitchin!”

An incredibly peaceful afternoon at the palm grove hearing the wind through the leaves and birds chirping


A captain and chief officer that have incredibly humble and servant’s hearts and still enjoy a good laugh

Mixed tapes aren’t dead and a friend who understands the beauty of a mixed tape


Not one, but two, friends who know my love of chicken fingers and gave me a heads up for the lunch line

Our super fun and awesome movember shaving party


A moment to help a young crew member make an ornament and the fun of crew crafting and getting into the Christmas spirit even while so very far from home


The sound of a champagne bottle popping and the sweet friends who took me out for dinner, dessert and a glass of bubbly

Nurse Katrina who prepped my toes for a sand flea removal procedure

Free visits to the crew clinic to get said sand fleas removed

Hearing the ortho kids walking the hallway with their walkers all decked out with jingle bells

A trip to the lemur park/zoo with new friends and a fantastic guide who’s also a day crew


Getting to keep family traditions even when our family is literally scattered around the world

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