Endless Gifts (52)

That little heart flutter that comes from seeing your country’s flag waving in the wind

The US Ambassador’s visit and tour of our ship and the opportunity to attend a luncheon with him and some USAID members… to get to hear about what they are doing and to share what we do with them

Air conditioning at many points during the week… after a morning run from the pits of Hell, after a ten minute meeting on the dock, after the fire drill, after the American crew photo, after dinner out… its just a very lovely perk we have

A very fun first ever Jingle Bell Dash and Dine! Complete with amazing galley staff who served delicious fajitas with smiles, mustaches and Santa hats!

My small group and getting to hear everyone’s faith stories all put together and the joy that it brings

A lovely Christmas concert onboard, complete with a children’s choir


And that moment when Nate, Molly and Kristi played their pieces on the piano… it was just magical. Amazed by the talent and amazed at how God has made each of us so unique in said talents

Matt’s willingness to work late so that I could still go out for the evening with Kirstie

And the life giving, refreshing and dream big conversation Kirstie and I were able to have

The kindness of a crew member to bring some holiday cheer to our ship via Starbucks beloved syrups (gingerbread, peppermint and chestnut praline!)


Celebrating the one and only miss Emma Cash on her sixth birthday

The chance to finish what I started and to keep dreaming big for a country I love deeply

There is still hope for Lucia (start praying now I can reconnect with her again!)

A very humble friend’s persistence in getting a young woman admitted has paid off and she is on the OR schedule for her life changing schedule

This same friend’s passion to love these marginalized women so well and to inspire those around her to love them as well… even when the idea of treating a patient as a queen is the most foreign idea to them. She is helping to change the face of bedside manner in Tamatave

That our mission really is so much for than surgical procedures, it is a pulsing life of love and hope and redemption and grace

Getting to hear of another similar organization, Operation Mobilization, and to hear some of their pulsing stories, to be inspired and to be encouraged

That Santa Lucia happened again on the ship, my favorite ship tradition


My sno cone at Winter Wonderland came with a song and dance and tasted delicious!

That there are so many opportunities for us to decompress and relax and enjoy this crazy life we live and to share in life experiences happening across the world, like Esther and Laurin’s wedding!


A belated birthday dinner out with the best burgers this side of the world all for about $7!


Friends like Ruben who, on tough days, remind you what’s it all for, that he shares photos and stories of patients and you remember the complete honor it is to be here



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