Endless Gifts (54)

Snowman hugs on hot December days… that I get to say that… 90 degrees in December is pretty much bliss!


An anonymous donor and the continued affirmations that God will always meet and exceed my expectations

A cranberry orange scone saved by a friend and the very sweet and unexpected reminders of home at just the right moment

The highly anticipated arrival of OM ship M/V Logos Hope, and the goosebumps and almost tears when she sailed in our two crews of 400 from over 60 nationalities were cheering and clapping and two ship’s horns blasting, the beat of the dejembes and the realization just how much God must love Madagascar to send two ships to her.

Attending the official opening ceremony of the Logos Hope book fair and getting to get ideas for our cafe

Silent Night in seven languages

Someone walking up to you with your absolute favorite chocolate on Christmas Eve and saying, “Merry Christmas, have one!”

Fun with coffee beans


The Swiss Christmas party that transformed a classroom into a cozy living room and a relaxed but fun Christmas Eve

An unexpected but favorite Christmas song, Dustin Kensrue’s This is War

Ship Christmas traditions… Christmas shoes, amazing brunch, coffee and pastries in the cafe, open cabins… they all help to make a day that could be difficult to be something very special

Living in community with people who have a great sense of humor and make the midnight round of Christmas shoe deliveries even more fun 🙂

The Food Services team that made the most amazing brunch I’ve never imagined possible on the ship… eggs benedict!

Stumptown coffee on Christmas morning and sweet friends from Portland who made sure it arrived in time, and threw in a few extra

Honest people who own to up something, even when I never would have noticed to begin with

Christmas afternoon spent with a friend who is as close and comfortable as my sister

A decision to not care what people might think and just have silly fun and rock a Santa stache for a couple hours

Waking up to sunshine for one whole week

Celebrating a friend’s birthday the day after Christmas and being challenged by how she lives her life with such adventure and enjoyment

Crew who volunteer without me asking to help with Christmas clean up or hosting tours for the Logos Hope crew

Even when the OR is closed and the patients staying on the wards are few there are still stories that break my heart and stories that make my heart smile… thank you Tracey Wall and Lindsey Lang for sharing the tough times and the fun times

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