Endless Gifts (55)

An late evening run through the port… by myself… and how safe and clean of a port this is

Also, a long run on a cool morning with nothing but my thoughts and prayers and fresh air

Fresh, clean, fun new sheets for Christmas

When you return from an errand to find a fresh pour over coffee waiting for you


Sweet Christmas gifts from Josh, Candi, Henry, Elaine, Pete and Stu… they sure make this auntie feel special

Two hours with Edwina, one of our cooks from Sierra Leone, hearing more of her story and getting one lovely pedicure

Seeing a crew member genuinely reflect our core value as a person of excellence… even though he’d worked his last shift, Matt came back after hours to finish up a few tasks.

Laughter that is as refreshing as a good cry

Amy and Nate blessing the crew by hosting a perfect, chill and special live music session on New Year’s Eve


Sometimes God tells me to do something that seems silly and doesn’t make much sense but sometimes I have the maturity to obey and then I see how a random laundry time slot becomes a divine moment with a friend

One very fun shared experience as we rang in 2016 with a confetti countdown, sparkly juice and new and old friends

Memories of past New Year’s and good friends who are on the other side of the world

The men of excellence in our community who time and again step up to help even without being asked

Dominik’s patience, kindness and quickness on New Year’s when I had so many requests for the lighting during the party, even when I had to interrupt a conversation

Walking down the stairs and being so impressed by the six men who were cleaning up after the New Year’s Eve party; sweeping, vacuuming, trash runs, etc… and all with joyful servant attitudes

How Captain Jan continues to lead by example what a servant leader is

New Year’s Day Brunch with ship family

Two holiday afternoons spent with Dianna and watching and laughing at the epic game of Capture the Flag that was happening on the dock with all the ship kids and few adult kids


New books, actual books, from the Logos Hope book fair and the continued friendships that are being built

A couple hours of forgetting where I was while watching college football and eating chicken fingers and being in a room with only Americans

That there is grace and forgiveness when I have a meltdown, even if its in a very public place

Dinner with Bethany and knowing she is a forever and safe friend

The hospital is busy again after the holidays, and the hospital wards are filling up again

A very fun night on the dock with crew from Logos Hope and the chance to get to know them a bit deeper and to make more connections

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  1. Thanks for the news…You have become such a beautiful person , in mind, body and spirit. Love you, Grandma

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