Endless Gifts (56)

Fun mini donuts made by Emma and Hannah

Mary and Giselle are back on the Sales team! And what a gift it is to have them

Logos Hope tours of their ship and of ours, a chance to share passion and mission

Kind words of affirmation passed on to me from some of our directors

Numi tea and Hi Chews from Carrie


Watching someone worship God when they don’t realize they are, and knowing that God is enjoying them even if they struggle to enjoy him

Amy’s latest blog post

The engineers kindness and patience at afternoon break time

Honesty. When someone confesses a lie even though I had no clue… the strength of character it takes to do that is beautiful

Conversations with new friends about old memories that happen to sync up

A clean and organized berth space complete with fun new lights


Cuddles with Emma

Kitchen sink brownies (coconut, peanut, almond, chocolate chip and powdered sugar on top) and sneaky ways to bless just a few of the people I love

Time off the ship and conversation with Bethany about life and frustrations and striving to meet the potential within


A phone call with April and hearing how God is abundantly providing for her every need

And the Starbucks prices we have onboard ($0.75) after hearing her tall latte cost $3.84!

These crazy fun, beautiful roomies who I wouldn’t trade for anything… the roomies that laugh together stay together


Ruben’s patience during the Logos Hope visit and with all the extra visitors and security questions

The invitation to a meeting that matters

Goosebumps from a room filled with worship and a challenge to worship well in all things… work included.

All the drivers who volunteered to shuttle our 220 crew to the Logos Hope in the middle of crazy rainstorm even if it meant getting soaked through on the way back to the gangway after parking the car

An hour of worship with the Logos Hope and Africa Mercy crew together and how Heaven cracked through


Standing on holy ground hearing God tell me bits of my story I’d overlooked and knowing there is more he is longing to tell me



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