Endless Gifts (58)

One last shopping trip on the Logos Hope and walking away with some sneaky finds from the book hold… all for only about $10

The honor of being invited to an appreciation dinner

A last coffee and prayer with Lynchee and then the Logos Hope Advance team


Entertainers visiting again from the cruise ship, Costa Romantica, and how fun it was to watch with the Wall kids

News a good friend will be returning to the ship!

Sneaky selfies with Deb


Our crew rising to meet a need and raise over $2,100 in just a few days

The example of Rees Howell’s and the opportunity to be a tangible answer to prayer

A couple hours of breathing room with Bethany

Knowing that saying goodbye to the Logos Hope isn’t really just goodbye, but knowing that at some point our two ships will meet again


Hearing some of the stories about how God has used the Logos Hope and her crew to make an impact in Tamatave

Lunches with Papa Al

Being in the right place at just the right time and getting a vanilla smoothie!


Unexpected short fire drills

This hilariously awesome certificate


A long overdue girls weekend and road trip with some pretty amazing women


Discovering new quotes from old books

Unplugged and uninterrupted time to relax on a beach in paradise


Wine conversations overlooking a full moon’s reflection on the Indien Ocean then falling asleep to the sound of a rainstorm and waking up to lemurs playing on the roof and knowing these moments are special and you’d never be able to plan them even if you tried

Dix Neuf Bungalow in Mahambo never fails to disappoint (and lends itself quite nicely to silly photo shoots)


That Shea brought her camera to capture the many memories and shared experiences (spiders, centipedes and snakes included)

Laughs so deep and true your eyes water and you can’t breathe for a minute

Lots of long walks on a beach and time to think


The way a long, sunny beach day feels on your skin

A friend’s inspiration to not continue to just sit on the sidelines… that’s really not who I am at all

Pop Rock party




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