Endless Gifts (63)

That prayer is not one dimensional and corporate prayer and intercession can move mountains and break chains People moved to action and willing to make time to pray for the sexual exploitation that is happening here in Tamatave Courage to speak up and out Quotes that mean something and friends that go find the tumblr... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (62)

When others catch a passion for a justice Susan's understanding and graciousness in a situation Impromptu ice cream trip to help prepare for the VIP visit An afternoon touring a cruise ship and my happy taste buds after lunch and dessert The HOPE Center facilitator who saw a mama giving too much medicine to a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (61)

A bake and bless opportunity and sharing it with a treasured friend Knowing that when I have no clue what to say, the Spirit will always give me the words that someone needs to hear Remembering who my worth is found and not what my worth is found in That I can rest in the... Continue Reading →

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