Endless Gifts (59)

A roommate who gets up and out of bed to get me a spoon because I’m not feeling well

Ice cream outings and conversations about real life and disappointments

Knowing that God will redeem difficult situations when all I can do is listen

This incredible, edible and amazing Oreo made with Dianna, and this amazing friend who first had the idea and then without missing a beat says “Yes!” when I ask if she wants to build an Oreo tower. I like friends who do random silly fun things with me.


Staycation bliss… no alarm clocks, no emails, just lots of sleep and rest

Hugs, double hugs and even triple hugs from the Wall kids after playing with them

Baking in an empty crew galley


Stand up comedy binge on YouTube and teary, snorting laughs

And lunch and laughs with Shea

The little patient who walked right up to me, held her arms open and demanded I pick her up

Being the first in line for Thursday night sprinkles with ice cream!


Fishermen’s friend, vanilla honey and Valerian root so I could sleep through the night in spite of bad cold

Sneaky goat cheese with honey and Libertalia on the beach with a forever friend

The freedom for coffee chats and lunches out during my staycation and how life giving each one was

Dinner with the Cash’s and a dance/singing party in the car on the way home

Sneaky listening to kids talk together about what’s important to them, like unicorns in Heaven

Rainy coffee break with friends at Ocean’s 501 and an umbrella for my crepes


My girls who laugh with me and don’t judge as I stumble through a small season of remembering some of the more difficult sacrifices I’ve made in order to serve on Mercy Ships

A trip to the Lemur park and learning new things each time I go


Those moments where in spite of everything I feel 100% relaxed and at peace

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