Endless Gifts (60)

Tickets have been booked so its official… I’m on the Benin Advance… again! And I cannot wait, 12 May can’t come soon enough!

And an extra gift of a flight from Tamatave to Tana

Monday Funday movie night in the Cafe worked, the AV tech who joyfully ran it and the electrician who happily turned off the lights

The surprise gift a beloved childhood book


Miriam’s sweetness in asking for me and a precious few chaotic Face Time minutes

The silver necklaces are finally here and they are just lovely


An affirming conversation about women in the workplace and what progress looks like

A divinely arranged dessert with Tabitha and the encouragement and inspiration she unknowingly shared

When I tell God I need to hear something very specific and not two hours later those exact words come out of someone’s mouth

Jack Wall, age 2, knows who I am and says hello with a big smile when he walks by

Space to worship, listen, pray and respond


John and Graeme opening the cafe and the entertainment provided while they made the Late Night Lattes and Ben’s help delivering the lattes

Unexpected conversations, even if I stayed up too late… people are more important than a selfish couple hours

A day of shared experiences and a deeper understanding of the Malagasy culture through the Cultural Tour arranged by Staff Development

Lisa and Lisa being brave and leading the Cultural Tours when they haven’t done them before

The rice field mud only came to my ankles and not my waist as so many other tours it has!


Humble reminders I am so overwhelming provided for

The couples on the ship who let us laugh with them as they play The Not So Newlywed Game… and the non stop laughter it was


A friend who listens to my frustrations and gently encourages and shares ideas how to serve with joy when I am frustrated

Watching out my window as patients come and go

Emotional support in the form of Pop Rocks (because honestly I don’t think there isn’t anything Pop Rocks can’t make better!) after another laundry room fail

Baking my traditional Super Bowl cake in a quiet crew galley with the help of a most lovely friend


The crew that took it upon themselves to create a special night to honor the stranded Chinese crew of the Min Tai Leng on Chinese New Year.


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