Endless Gifts (62)

When others catch a passion for a justice

Susan’s understanding and graciousness in a situation

Impromptu ice cream trip to help prepare for the VIP visit

An afternoon touring a cruise ship and my happy taste buds after lunch and dessert

The HOPE Center facilitator who saw a mama giving too much medicine to a child and got the child readmitted to the ship in time to save their life

Three times where customer service across the globe wasn’t painful

Stunning sunsets that make me pause and be still


New opportunities and key people holding the door open

Swiss chocolate delivered to my desk

Listening to “Mabel” and laughing so hard I cried

Sharing a favorite movie with a friend followed by another movie with new friends

The supply team, and various unsung helpers, that unloaded and individually cleaned each item that came out of the destroyed container (storms at sea + exploding milk = vomit smells and lots of bugs) and all in blazing hot and humid temperatures all without complaining


And my birthday package from the Walley 5 from said container finally arrived vomit smell and bug free!


Andrew allowing us to store an entire year’s worth of paper in his office for a few days while new shelves were built

Haingo’s growth and health… this sweet little baby was the one I walked the halls with at the beginning of field service


Carmen, and Carmen cookie drops

Finding laundry room notes (and Pop Rocks!)


Friends who visit with me in the cafe on my Friday night shift

Ally’s generous heart to share good coffee with others


Solving all the world’s problems over a beer and an apple

Cash cabin Sundays

Celebrating and honoring people well

Being remembered and known and called by name

When God knows what you need to hear and who you need to hear it from for it to actually matter

The lesson of cranberry juice and wall staring that Tami taught me so many years ago… sometimes all you can do in a frustrating or hopeless situation is to sit with a drink and stare at a wall to make sure it doesn’t move… and just breathe.

Tangible reminders


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  1. Love you. I have my new toy on my chest ( a pacemaker) I think I am better but it will take time. You have been busy. Keep up the good work.Know you are missed and loved. Grandma

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