Endless Gifts (63)

That prayer is not one dimensional and corporate prayer and intercession can move mountains and break chains

People moved to action and willing to make time to pray for the sexual exploitation that is happening here in Tamatave

Courage to speak up and out

Quotes that mean something and friends that go find the tumblr image for them


43:45 revealing itself and the promise of things to come

Coffee with Kirstie and sharing passion and visions

Tami’s continued influence in my life even after many years and cities and now worlds apart

New shirts and team photos before Giselle left and a classic Finance Department photo (we let the accountants out!)


A Linkin Park After Dark power boost

Dreaming, planning and laughing with a trusted friend

Humility and strength in one lovely woman

In the moment hallway prayers that uplift and encourage

How one’s obedience to ask is an answer to an unknown prayer

Space to appreciate the beautiful, strong and incredible mothers in this community

Coming back from lunch to find fresh flowers waiting at my desk


Three hours on Friday night to read and stretch my brain

A peaceful Saturday and time spent with a beautiful friend

That blissful feeling after a massage where you are 100% relaxed

How words just come so easy sometimes and the pen can barely keep up with my mind, how when I let go it all comes together

Quotes updated every morning in the dining room


The smell of fresh cut grass

The jolt of joy you feel when someone tells you they’ve extended their time

Approval for new ideas and honest feedback

Building a mega stuffed Oreo tower again… quite possibly the funnest way to eat Oreos


Emma Cash’s generosity

When other’s trust you and affirm you

Three hours curled up on friend’s couch laughing, discussing and solving all the problems of the world

A four mile port run with David Crowder on the shuffle while a storm rolled in

photo credit Ryan Sweeney

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