Endless Gifts (67)

Breakfast with the sales ladies at Ocean 501 and the HR team who worked in the cafe to make it happen Honest conversations over cold beers about the frustrations of single life on the ship The first Benin Advance team meeting The Academy creative arts night and the talented kids on the ship The pure... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (66)

Peppermint tea The Benin Advance team is complete Space to process and pray through journaling Fun with statisticsĀ and not even onĀ Finance Fun Friday! Dave's affirming words and prayer during the fire drill And how something as mundane as a fire drill can become a divine moment A day saved by Golden Grahams for breakfast in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (65)

Pop Rock parties in the supply closet Mabel's endless stories and entertainment and laughs A board member who humbly comes to work in the dining room serving our meals A call to prayer for a patient in need and all crew stopping what we were doing to pray When the chef comes down to show... Continue Reading →

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