Endless Gifts (64)

Friends to share the Bake and Bless experience with

Ivanna’s listening ear, encouragement and feedback

Ghurkas being silly and cracking me (and themselves) up

Glass jars of inspiration


One ship kid’s kindness to serve her siblings by cutting up their fruit, and then her maturity at dealing with disappointment later

Kid’s creativity + a pool + boogie boards = a legit wave pool



Alternate introductions a friend with a really great sense of humor

Three long minutes listening to rain on the windows while sitting alone in a quiet and peaceful cabin

The dental team has treated over 5,000 patients!!


The privilege of listening to a kid sing her heart out while going to bed

The laughter at the table that occurs when KJ baby-sits and puts too much Nutella on the toast

Care packages from dear friends and the parents


Lots of prayer and encouragement

“Your heavenly Father will never sell you out to make a point.”

That, in God’s economy, a past is not a liability, rather it is an asset

The chance to share my story with this community and the kind words of thanks and encouragement and hugs that came after

photo credit Kirsten Murphy

And waking up to a very well timed and much needed photo message from Molly the next morning


FaceTime with a Silly Sam I Am


Marina’s kindness to make cupcakes and teach the Academy students how to ice them… and that I got to reap the benefit of said class

People who really do throw kindness around like confetti


The hotties messenger group and strong friends around the globe

Finding a hilarious #twinning moment


Very silly word games/challenges

Looking up to see the stars burning bright

A thought provoking weekend read

That God is Holy and Just and Love


Cafe visitors who deliver treats and then stay for the conversation




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