Endless Gifts (66)

Peppermint tea

The Benin Advance team is complete

Space to process and pray through journaling


Fun with statistics and not even on Finance Fun Friday!

Dave’s affirming words and prayer during the fire drill

And how something as mundane as a fire drill can become a divine moment

A day saved by Golden Grahams for breakfast in a real bowl


Bella’s help in the cafe during work experience

That Ruben has a sense of humor and incredible photographic skills… can’t wait to reveal the final product in a few months 😉 And that Ruben has a lot of things to do while you wait


Tuesday lunches

Overhearing unexpected talent

Communion on Thursday night as a global community

St. Paddy’s Day Dash and dinner on the dock and a green beer with friends I love


Sleep in Saturday and time to breathe

How music can minister to your soul in beautiful ways

The new Bethel album and the friend that made me aware of it

A hug from Elle on her first birthday



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