Endless Gifts (67)

Breakfast with the sales ladies at Ocean 501 and the HR team who worked in the cafe to make it happen

Honest conversations over cold beers about the frustrations of single life on the ship


The first Benin Advance team meeting

The Academy creative arts night and the talented kids on the ship

The pure beauty of kids singing songs full of truth and depth


Vacuumed floors without even asking

The opportunity to process the act of foot washing and good friends who helped me process as I came to a conclusion

Good Friday and all that it stands for


A Saturday market run complete with fresh baked croissants for Easter

Getting some Facetime with

Getting to work behind the cafe bar on a legit busy morning

Delightful Easter brunch with some lovely ladies and the Food Services team that pulled it all together


Another memorable night of Open Cabins with the girls and introducing Erin to the fine art of it all

And throwback to the Cultural tour by eating fried bananas off traveler tree leaves

A four day weekend and a lot of quiet time to rest and introvert

Dreaming with Erin

Friends who are silly with you and when you say, “want to put on these ears?” they say yes and put on bunny ears for no apparent reason



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