Endless Gifts (68)

Sneaky Tuesday and second dinner with the lovely Remy


Fully staffed again in Sales

A new opportunity for next field service as the interim Staff Development Manager

That Mercy Ships allows for families to be a family

A friend who gives good gifts and in the most creative and fun ways possible

Market Spice tea on a grey afternoon

Crew mail

Boutique adventures and perfect finds for all

The gift of peppermint tea

Early dinner means walking by the gangway every night to see something about as beautiful as this sunset


Dinner out with the remaining Fall 2013 Gateway family

How one person can bring so much joy and light to a community

Deb calling me into her room to look out the window and see a little fat baby toddling around on the dock, “he was an feeding program baby, now look at him!” Unexpected moments like that remind me why I’m here

The shared passion and mission we all have onboard this tin can and the many donors who are just as passionate and help make this all possible

Finally attending a Dress Ceremony here in Madagascar and the honor of presenting a gift to a healed woman

  ©2015 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Katie Keegan 
©2016 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Katie Keegan - Marie: alone | peaceful
©2015 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Katie Keegan

The women who were courageous enough to travel far and take a chance with this crazy free hospital ship to heal them and the reward and joy they know because of their courage

Healing is possible even after 30 years

Pre-Pre screening of the new Star Wars movie with the girls and watched with shameless excitment


Ryan and Tanya saving the day for the Star Wars movie night and still pulling off the red carpet premiere for the crew


Watching as crew, young and old, sat expectantly and excitedly for the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

That pretending never goes out of style

The opportunity to create shared experiences for everyone and provide some lightness and fun to an intense environment

Fun strolls through Nerf wars on the dock

A new series about Grace & Truth … that opposites can be reconciled and its all so very beautiful

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