Endless Gifts (70)

The best kind of happy tears come from a hand written letter from you sister


A clean cabin space and fresh sheets

Biore pore strips

Friend’s weddings and FB, Skype and Instagram that allow me to catch glimpses of their happy days

Coming home to find cookies on my door from an anonymous gifter


A very brave and courageous six year old

Howling like wolves, as loud as a giant, in the Crew Clinic with said brave and courageous girl

The kindness and generosity of that same girl, that even when she was the one hurting and awaiting stitches in the “ER” she still wanted to bless others by sharing her cat stickers

That when one of a babysitter’s worst “what if” happens, a fully staffed hospital and “ER” is just a two minute walk down a couple flights of stairs

Shout stain remover and a pair of jeans saved!



Quick port walks and Gold 8 with Remy

Eerie storm nights and the way the sun struggles through the clouds


A captain that leads with strength, integrity and authenticity

Very quick pack up and securing of work spaces and everyone’s understanding

Effective communication throughout the weekend about Cyclone Fantala and knowing what to expect and when to expect it


A whole weekend of food and friends off ship

Refreshing conversation over a windy lunch at Calypso

Laughs with the girls and eating ice cream in the rain

Last minute outings with Dianna and a special guest appearance by Emma

Coming back to clean and folded clothes in the laundry room and people who’s kindness is more than you asked for

When you are listening you can hear the Day Crew singing their morning praise songs in the laundry room on Deck 6 all the way down by the blue stairs on Deck 4

We have Diet Coke again!!!!






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