Endless Gifts (71)

An at sea fire drill with this lovely friend


Free dental care and procedures

Completing a task from 2012 😉

Morning views from the gangway


The Norwegian government that helped fund a project at the local hospital

Port lights and baby sharking watching with Emma


Sharing at Programs Reporting Time and getting excited for Benin Advance in just 2.5 weeks!

Laundry time chats with Dianna

Martha’s constant heart of service in the most thoughtful and practical ways like taking my trash to the dumpster

Unexpected avocados at dinner to make the entire experience a whole lot better

Shelter from a torrential downpour

That Cyclone Fantala moved up and away… an answered prayer of so many people around the world


That patients still got their surgeries and we didn’t need to sail

A clean cabin space and time to start preparing to leave

Stumbling across memories and getting lost in them

Boutique finds


Blue Sunday 

That I am still loved even in the seasons when I don’t have an overwhelming hunger for the Word

The knowledge that dry and silent seasons are a part of this thing called faith



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