Endless Gifts (76)

Celebrating Harmen and the happy discovery of Oreo cheesecake! Soul Keeping and good discussions with the team Podcasts to help me fall asleep An hour waiting at EcoBank and the slow but steady building of a relationship with the commercial banker Seeing Tirez again at the Security gate at EcoBank Delicious pizza delivered after a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (75)

Egg sandwiches, made with all fresh, from the street corner, ingredients and a perfect mango for dessert The continued help and support from MSC Benin The wifi at the guesthouse that mostly works Sandrine‚Äôs humble heart to always serve others A full night of restful sleep Introducing the team to one of my favorite heroes,... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (74)

A finance funday at 501 for breakfast and the HR team who opened the cafe for us so we could go That Josh made sure the fire death sauce was out at dinner on my last night A last haircut before August A cupcake buddy to enjoy the Academy mall with A last zebu dinner... Continue Reading →

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