Endless Gifts (72)

The first Benin 2016 Advance Team dinner and so much happiness

A time of prayer with the Advance Team and Nancy Nash “You are the bones of this mission”

The image of divine protection and obedience

Some Balance by Everybody Duck

In his seat, in a boat, on an ocean far from here
There’s a man out on the water all alone
But his time is wearing thin
Cause a storm is moving in
That will crush his boat and sink him like a stone
Staring up at the sky he can see the hurricane
Figgures he has time enough to get away
But instead he turns around, drops the paddles and kneels down
And like a pious man of God begins to pray

Oh, we’ve got to draw the line
Between having faith and being blind
Use your mind if you’ve got time, don’t drop the oars
God will save you like He said
But you’ve got to use your head
So when the storm comes pray to God but row for shore

Celebrating Bethany at L’Affiche

An extremely thoughtful care package and coffee box from the PDX lovelies!


Getting up to breakfast late but still getting pancakes

Coming back to find a Diet Coke and a note of encouragement

Progress not perfection and change

Ten minutes spent holding sweet little Lucael, by far the best ten minutes of my day

©2016 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Catrice Wulf – Lucael (MGC09433) during one of his pre-op appointments.

Quality time with a kindred spirit

Sprinkles with ice cream!!!


The power of prayer and the beautiful story of Katie

Last minute helpers for the Amazing Race

A last girls night at Korean and ice cream

And the kind stranger who bought our ice cream for us because “you’re beautiful” and yes, that is true… we are a beautiful group of women


The dental team has seen their 7,000th patient!


An inspiring friend who throw kindness around like confetti on a daily basis

A successful Amazing Race with lots of laughs and memories made

IMG_0477(thanks for the photo Marina!)

New movies for my hard drive for Benin Advance

Getting to feel like a normal person just because I could run a quick errand to the store by myself… in a car… with my music… with my Keep Cup full of a perfect Americano

Fixed potholes on the main roads!

A perfectly peaceful and delightful afternoon at one of my favorite places on this earth


Four men who sing for us on Sunday night

A place to watch the Sunday service without feeling “On”

Real passion fruit juice in the dining room!


Three years with Mercy Ships… three years of memories and miracles… of experiences that challenged and grew me and doors opened I never could have imagined… of patients who I’ll never forget… and there’s still more to come.

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  1. Happy 3 years! God has made you such a blessing and in turn blessed you very much. We love you, Thanks for being the hands and feet of Christ.

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