Endless Gifts (73)

Ally’s new song on Monday morning

A friend who goes the extra mile to make an evening extra sweet by bringing home lava cake from my favorite restaurant AND looks all over the ship to find vanilla ice cream to go go with it!

When my cabin space smells like chocolate cake

IS making sure we are set up as an Advance team, iPads, iPhones, printers, scanners, and so much more… a lot of time and a lot of extra work behind the scenes

The knowledge that even though I’ve been valued in my role the last two years, I am in fact replaceable, and that is 110% beautiful

How difficult conversations can turn out OK and in fact grow a friendship even more

Beautiful and strong women with unquestionable character

Stumptown coffee to start the day and the friend who joyfully prepared it

Finally on the departure board!


A last Mada dinner with a treasured friend

Cool breezes on the drive home and taking mental snapshots of this little city

The weekly reminder at the end of department devotions, “Don’t work too hard.”

A perfect last weekend in Mada with the girls and lots of naps and hammock time


The creativity of God to design lemurs


Fireflies and stillness as we waited to find Aye Aye lemurs… complete quietness


This incredibly beautiful country that I never dreamed I’d call home


Roomies who graciously put up with me commandeering the hallway to pack

Bags are packed and on the bus to Tana…. only two days left until we fly out!

A last tea with Kirstie until Hotel du Lac in Benin… her encouragement, her passion and her testimony of God’s faithfulness to give us the desires of our hearts… that he will in fact ALWAYS complete what he starts

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