Endless Gifts (74)

A finance funday at 501 for breakfast and the HR team who opened the cafe for us so we could go


That Josh made sure the fire death sauce was out at dinner on my last night

A last haircut before August

A cupcake buddy to enjoy the Academy mall with


A last zebu dinner and time spent with three women who are near and dear to my heart

That not every goodbye was a “goodbye goodbye”

Thoughtful cards with words of encouragement, blessing and affirmations (and Pop Rocks from someone who knows me very well)


Safe travels and an empty seat next to me so I could sleep from Tana to Nairobi

Stepping off the plane and immediately feeling at home again, and even more so when we arrived at the SIM guesthouse to stay until we find a house


Seeing old contacts and friends and how in each hello there is a promise fulfilled

Latifou’s sneaky smile when we met again

Evelyne, Gabin and Michele at MSC who welcomed us with so much happiness and excitement

My first Shawarma in almost two years! And oh how good it was!

The Advance cars are already in country and ready to be registered and insured


Last minute invite to an Embassy party by a new contact who is passionate about supporting Mercy Ships and already opening a lot of doors for us

Harmen, who among all the other ways he works and serves, was willing to iron my dress


Cooler weather so we aren’t melting completely, just small small

A quiet neighborhood, no AC (at least for a few weeks this is nice) and filtered water

Reunited with my friend and brother, Roguy, and time spent catching up and how its like the last 18 months was actually just a few days


Seeing Roguy’s family again too, and the big excited hugs from his daughters

Getting to attend Roguy’s church and hear him teach again and to know the gift his church will be to our crew

Being in a place so full of the life and love and hope and big dreams

That an already happy heart can actually overflow more than you thought possible


Movie night with the team and a projector to make it possible

Finding pistachio chocolate bars again!

Thai food and Dody’s and Valerie’s… oh how happy this foodie is now

Shelter from the rainstorm after a very, very nice cappuccino at Hotel du Lac


Restoration. Fulfillment.

That God is good all the time, but that right now, he seems extra good.

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