Endless Gifts (75)

Egg sandwiches, made with all fresh, from the street corner, ingredients and a perfect mango for dessert

The continued help and support from MSC Benin

The wifi at the guesthouse that mostly works

Sandrine’s humble heart to always serve others

A full night of restful sleep

Introducing the team to one of my favorite heroes, Jack Bauer

A slow start morning

MSC’s generosity in giving us a car to use and even a driver for a few days

The Communications team that put together so many videos for us to share

The divine encounters with people and how playing the video of Sandrin opened up a door to talk with someone about their four year old son with bowed legs and offer a glimpse of hope to him

That many of the processes and procedures haven’t changed, making it feel even more like home

One contract signed, sealed and delivered


Being remembered and greeted with kindness and excitement at so many places and by so many contacts and the knowledge that when I delivered sad news and closed out the Benin Advance in 2014 I did so in a respectful way that kept the relationship in good standing

A rainstorm on a tin roof, even if it was in the middle of the night, it’s a beautiful sound

Morning devotion and prayer time with our team and staying united through prayer

Starting to dream big dreams for Benin again (and still dreaming some of the old ones)

A goal to work towards in learning French

That 86 degrees has become cool and finally starting to acclimate to the heat

Unquestionable obedience and how thinking on how I can cultivate this in my faith walk

So many good restaurants that will deliver dinner to us and dinners on the patio

A team with a good sense of humor and that we can all laugh at ourselves and with each other


So many stories of healing in the last two field services in Madagascar and so many good memories as the ship gets ready to sail again

The Faces of Fistula project

Local business that are excited to help in different ways and very promising meetings

Thai dinner, take 2

Clean clothes dried by the sun

A FanIce adventure with Sandrine

How good it always feels when I walk into the American Embassy and that little patriotic part of me smiles real big

A poolside spot with a good book, a good cappuccino and very good hummus

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