Endless Gifts (76)

Celebrating Harmen and the happy discovery of Oreo cheesecake!


Soul Keeping and good discussions with the team

Podcasts to help me fall asleep

An hour waiting at EcoBank and the slow but steady building of a relationship with the commercial banker

Seeing Tirez again at the Security gate at EcoBank

Delicious pizza delivered after a long day and a friend to share it with so we get the best of both


A good laugh about life in a four berth and wall buddies

Constructive conversation and dreaming about progress and the future

A kindred spirit who also strives for excellence in every task or job

Teamwork makes the job go fast and 40 new VIP folders ready to be delivered

Dinner at La Plancha and the discovery of another honey and goat cheese salad… And a chocolate brownie I’ll be dreaming of for days

Overhearing the kids at the British school next door sing while I had my coffee

We have a team house!! Only one week more week of living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a lopsided bed!

Knowing when to ask for help and knowing who to ask for help

That I always have a choice in how I look at an issue – I can see unfairness and frustration or I can see an opportunity for God to show up in a big way

A day at the beach with Roguy’s family and the beauty of God’s creation

Chasing waves with the girls


Remote IS support and a password sent almost immediately so I could restore one of our iPads before the start of the week

A free wifi connection that lasted for more than the 60 minutes advertised! Which ended up being just long enough to download the latest version of iTunes so I could fix one of the iPads


That God showed up in a big way and what was missing was found and now we can move forward

Bissap juice and ocean breezes


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