Endless Gifts (80)

My beautiful cousin who also happens to be a beautiful mom... Welcome to the world Urijah That grandma will get to meet Urijah The phone call to say you have a letter waiting to be picked up When you walk in to a room to schedule a meeting (for the enth time) and the person you... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (79)

Dreaming BIG for Benin again Our cook Maurice and a delicious meal and fresh fruit waiting for us after long days Driving… On my own… With my music… and the freedom to sing aloud to said music Finally finding a gas station with gasoil and having a full tank again The shocked look on the... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (78)

The constant reminders in the most unexpected places for why we do what we do Life conversations with Roguy between meetings Friendly but professional guards at the team house, almost remind me of the beloved ghurkas! "And God will protect you because what you do is so important" A businessman left speechless because of Sambany’s... Continue Reading →

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