Endless Gifts (77)

Unexpected, and still have no idea why, discount at the supermarche

The discovery of cotton candy pots for sale in the Eravan

An automatic generator

Visiting old sites


Whipped cream and cocoa powder on a cappuccino between meetings

The moment when you see them reach for the AC remote control in a very stuffy office, better yet, the moment when that first wave of AC hits you

Evelyne, who is there to help follow up on things and set things right

Saving a favorite necklace from knots

Being overwhelmed again by all the choices in bright and beautiful material


Oh the things God has for this country and for Mercy Ships… The big dreams aren’t big enough

Keys received and the house is ours


Armelle’s help to turn our team house into a home

Getting the clothes off the line and inside seconds before the torrential rain started

A MSC car driving by as I was walking home and a free ride back

MSC’s continued help and support in more than just clearing containers

A car to ride in on rainy days

The receptionist’s kind comment, “She’s always smiling!”

Finally winning over a tough contact from 2014!

Team selfie fails and hilarious email exchanges

Two undistracted hours while I waited for a delivery at the team house… Messages replied to, emails answered and half a book read

Test package from Holland arrived with treats


Sleeping in a new bed with clean sheets and a pillow I got to pick out myself

Deliveries, deliveries, deliveries!


Leftover butter chicken for lunch

Pretty mugs to drink coffee out of

Reconnecting with other ONGs after two years

Familiarity and comfort of the team house and having the same room as before

How God is faithful to fully restore this heart from the Benin 2014 Advance

A very fun washing machine that makes cute little noises when you adjust settings

Brita water filters

The relief at knowing I’m not the only one who felt a certain way

My task list is up and on the wall


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