Endless Gifts (78)

The constant reminders in the most unexpected places for why we do what we do


Life conversations with Roguy between meetings

Friendly but professional guards at the team house, almost remind me of the beloved ghurkas!

“And God will protect you because what you do is so important”

A businessman left speechless because of Sambany’s story

That I’m not sailing… Got my feet in open toed shoes on solid ground… No 30degree rolls for this lady!

Cappucino bubbles


Butterflies after the rain in the front garden

Businessmen eager to help and wanting to more than we ask

French lessons and learning little by little

Another contract signed and a bank account opened

And encouraging note of understanding and motivation sent at the perfect time

This constant reminder throughout the day of my worth and value


Working with Commissaire Latifou again

Rome wasn’t built in a day but the visa waiver process was

Three of the five cars are registered and home safe and sound


Having the exact amount of cash to complete the registration process

And the two guys who worked late to get the plates on the car


The mirror at Azalai hotel that always makes you feel good about yourself

Coffee Crisp brought over from Canada just for our team

Looking at dresses and discussing fashion with Armelle and Ani while waiting for delivery of Armelle’s homemade Bissap and Ginger Juice


Cinnamon apple tea on a rainy afternoon

Sugar scrub Sunday is back

An old contact very excited to work with us and even seeing the little extras he can do for mercy ship’s crew

Team dinners and time to unwind


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