Endless Gifts (79)

Dreaming BIG for Benin again


Our cook Maurice and a delicious meal and fresh fruit waiting for us after long days

Driving… On my own… With my music… and the freedom to sing aloud to said music

Finally finding a gas station with gasoil and having a full tank again

The shocked look on the MTN salesman’s face when I’d exhausted my French and switched to English and being told I sound French

That I am local enough to know the back roads and avoid traffic

Land Cruisers that make it possible to take the back roads

When it rains it pours, everything ready to pick up at 10:00 on Tuesday and a whole morning’s success without a translator

A very helpful worker at MTN to register all 11 SIM cards and a nice espresso while I waited

Forethought to take the name and number of the guy on the street selling the cards

Cherry coke and a reminder of a great friend


Roguy and Enoc’s patience and help to get the newest car home which included fuel outages, dead batteries and a frustrated KJ

The emergency second battery on a Land Cruiser and that one time in Amanda Katie and I were stuck at Nail Attitude and I learned how to use the Battery Link button


A shower again after 24 hours without water

When a task get added to my list and checked off the same day

Roguy’s ability to translate a crucial conversation

The institution of sparkle Wednesdays on the patio because you should always have some random, nonsensical fun


The toddler at the entrance to our neighborhood and his big, beautiful smile

New dresses from a new tailor

A Sunday afternoon drive with 60’s French music and stop for coffee and refreshing conversation

Waking up to a thunderstorm

A perfect day at Bab’s Dock and very delicious food and a great book


Nine weeks until sneaky coffee

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