Endless Gifts (80)

My beautiful cousin who also happens to be a beautiful mom… Welcome to the world Urijah


That grandma will get to meet Urijah

The phone call to say you have a letter waiting to be picked up

When you walk in to a room to schedule a meeting (for the enth time) and the person you want to meet is standing right in front of you and says, “Oh! Mercy Ships! Come with me!”

When office camping pays off and that the Customs building provides a little exercise to keep me fit

Sushi dinner… and not getting sick later that night or the next day


Eight weeks until sneaky coffee

Pool, podcast and FanIce with the girls


An extra mattress to sleep on when my bed needed to be taken apart and treated for carpenter ants

Knowing the CBSP team won’t have to deal with carpenter ants and water shortages because we took care of it

That we get to make this place a home for the CBSP team

Our handyman, Alex, who put our beds back together after they were sprayed for bugs

Our little buddy Mael and his big smile and wave when I come home

Receiving special authorization to the airport and getting to start building connections with the Immigration officers

Safe arrival of the Second Element and smooth sailing through the entry process

All five cars registered and on the road!

A quiet friend in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New contacts at the airport

Thoughtful notes that made it from Mada to Benin and the well timed encouragement


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