Endless Gifts (81)

Making Sandrine laugh so hard she actually cried

Friends who understand though I’m online often I’m just rubbish at messages during Advance but they know that I love them still

A meeting with a Minister and the reminder this is a pretty special life

When meetings come with a side of espresso

Customs director coming out to say hello and apologize his meeting is running late and do I mind to wait for him

A grown man’s tears at seeing hope and healing in action and finally understanding his distance these past weeks

How Sambany’s story continues to inspire and soften hearts

A nearly flawless introduction delivered in French… Taking public speaking to a whole new level

Car ride conversations about how the church is adapts to its environment

Building back into a friendship

Checking boxes on our to do lists


A one hour mission impossible for #teamjackbussy

Getting to watch Sandrine run a meeting with confidence and humilty

Solid laughs about questionable things in the way only a team working in a high stress environment could laugh at

Cheescake on Sparkle Wednesday


How sometimes all you need is 10 minutes with the senior managers of the International Airport

Quiet but influential men who do so much for Mercy Ships and often go unnoticed

How the NLD office cares for the crew, and not just the duchies, and goes the extra mile to support us

Skype call and goodbye air hugs from the cutest little kids in Scotland


How meeting the right guy turns a job that felt overwhelming into a cake walk

An unplugged weekend and restful day that ended with chocolate cake

Remembering how to get to a tricky location without the help of a map

Discovering Ganvie again


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