Endless Gifts (84)

The long awaited for phones have finally arrived for the screening team


7 minute workouts

Sharing a meal with new friends

Discovering the even closer and quieter grocery store … And another option for dark chocolate pistachio bars

The news of my grandma’s death came on a day when I could handle it

Matthew 11:28 and the knowledge that I don’t need to carry it all by myself

A quiet place to process


Greiving the loss of my grandma with comfort food and cake… Because why not?

Kind words, thoughts and prayers

Fresh produce and options

Three people who daily remind me to love and serve without complaining


Celebrating Mael’s 5th birthday, our adorable little neighbor

Three productive French lessons and three “excellent”s on my homework

Baking and creating


Catching up on The Mindy Project

Decisions made, contracts signed and tasks checked off this list

When contacts build bridges

Safety on the road each day

Laughing at stupid things on the Internet


Planning the perfect tours with my day crew

Friends on the ship willing to help

Threeish weeks to sneaky coffee

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