Endless Gifts (85)

Conversations about leadership and setting boundaries

When people take the time to explain an idea, option or thought process

An encouraging email from Holland at just the right time of tiredness

Internet contracts are sorted and signed

A contact that continues to go above and beyond and a very simple process


When contacts become friends

The first arrivals are authorized to enter the country

Team Jack Bussy finally has helmets!


The safe return of the upcountry assessment team…

And the safe arrival of the dockside set up team, Chuck and Doug…

And the safe arrival of Clementine

A full and complete Advance team and meals around a large table that is somehow still too small


The incredibly encouraging, motivating and inspiring card that arrived with the last element


The last element is here… that means the ship is actually coming…

Happy tears when I reflect on how the 2014 Advance is coming full circle

Working with Roguy again for an afternoon

The last contract signed before the ship arrives, and the promise of getting to organize the money delivery the day after ship’s arrival

How grocery shopping can be therapeutic and reviving for the soul

Harmen selfies and selfie lessons


Unexpected offers to bring things back to the ship after I thought I’d missed my last chance

Sandrine’s offer to give up some of her quiet Saturday and go with me to the airport

Twoish weeks to sneaky coffee… oh my heart how happy this makes me!

The tailor was able to fix my dress and turn pas bon into tres bien

A running buddy for field service is secured

Relaxing with my crazy cat lady cross stitch for a few hours


A strong compliment

How God knows the level of tired I’m at and how he refreshes my soul in ways I would never have thought of

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