Endless Gifts (86)

The ship is sailing!

The ladies from the corner store who start buying FanIce because we mentioned it one time

Meals with this crazy group and the laughs that are shared

©2016 Mercy Ships Photo Credit Justine Forrest

Laughs on the patio while skyping with the UK cuties

Last minute pick ups at DHL

Celebrating Swiss Independence Day with a little sparkle and a lot of fun


A meeting at the Peace Corps office… in English… and another expert on culture to speak at a Country Briefing and Equipping to Serve

Lots of SIM cards and credit and Boris who helped make the process as easy as possible

A new contact who is just as helpful as the old one

A morning on my own in town and the sense of bliss that comes with a sneaky coffee


Cleared containers and simple processes

When you write a letter and go to drop it but the Directeur General invites you in straight away

My ego boosting friend at Toyota

Bab’s Dock and how 30 minutes away from town can feel like a world away

The continued quiet, diligent and hard work of the HR team


Round 2 at Hotel du Lac and boy oh boy was that cake worth it 😉

Handover report written and almost ready to send and lots of little check marks


Oneish week to sneaky coffee

Enoc’s flexibility to go from medical translating to business and customs

The ship is sailing!

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