Endless Gifts (87)

The moment I won over my contact in the Protocol office

Kindness really does get the job done

Encouragement and prayer from the AFM Chaplaincy team for the A Team


A cool morning when the car had no AC

Working and serving alongside such bold and graceful women

Proverbs 22:29 and the encouragement to motivate for another day

Knowing I will come home to a ready made bed

Keith’s support behind the scenes and making sure I can do laundry when I get back

Planning another cultural tour and visiting Ouidah and learning more about life in Benin with my Day Crew


A kind gesture and gift from my French teacher

Friends that bless in the most practical ways and speak truth over me


Another friend that kidnaps you and makes you relax by a pool with a cappuccino and good book

Walking into our port berth for the first time and being blown away by how big it really is and how generous this port has been

COMAN working extra hours to deliver our first three containers

The port workers who worked late into the night to finish the concrete pad

Sunday dessert buffet at Hotel du Lac and small spoon memories


Less than a week to sneaky coffee!

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