Endless Gifts (88)

When the last 4% of your iPad battery magically lasts way longer than it should

Being strong enough not to give up

The energy for one last discussion and remote translations

How a business card and determination saved the day

And how prayer moves things

Getting to close an email with “see you tomorrow!”

The buzz of excitement after almost two years of work

Aad’s encouragement that came true

Meeting my hard to get to but absolutely wonderful contacts in the hallway and delivering their invitations without any issues

Seeing that big white ship on the horizon and then watching as she sailed in

A long awaited for moment shared with Harmen and Andrea

When you take a ship’s worth of passports to Immigrations and what could’ve been a long and boring process turns out to be a fun little shared experience with the agents

Seeing my friend again

Coming home to sweet treats, sweet notes and laugh out loud new shirt


Finding out my licorice trick worked

Everything went as planned for the first day and all meetings and set ups and deliveries all happened on time… And in one case even an hour earlier


Running hugs from Adalynn

Our contacts who make things happen lightening fast for us

24 drivers willing to give up their Saturday to help register the cars and the joyful attitudes by all even when it took longer than we thought

The local workers at DTT who also gave up their Saturday



When you get to see the body in action

And the Ryan was around to take photos of this shared experience

How God provides for all our needs and fills in the gaps in extraordinary ways

An hour with Diana Bergström being encouraged and blessed

When bedtime is 9pm

Sneaky coffee is back



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