Endless Gifts (92)

Plastics kiddos laughing and smiling even while all bandaged up The opportunity to coordinate the US Ambassador's┬ávisit and how well it went IS fixing my phone and not giving me a hard time about why it was "broken" The first Equipping to Serve is done Countdown timers A lovely chat and the affirmation to be... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (91)

Guacamole and cone conversations Dreaming big People doing their job quietly and excellently Clean cars Running into Amy in the hallway means hugs and shots of espresso Community means someone to jump in last minute and style my hair Men in suits My protocol office friends miss me A smile in the crowd while I... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (90)

Thai dinner with mighty and lovely women Notes from family and sweet photos to put on the wall Going late to lunch means chicken strips The sales team and Dianna who blessed the crew with waffles Sunset views from the gangway Finding fun photos on the comms share drive (with my name spelled correctly for... Continue Reading →

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