Endless Gifts (90)

Thai dinner with mighty and lovely women

Notes from family and sweet photos to put on the wall


Going late to lunch means chicken strips

The sales team and Dianna who blessed the crew with waffles

Sunset views from the gangway


Finding fun photos on the comms share drive (with my name spelled correctly for once!)

Kristin Jack and Sandrine Bussey pose in front of the incoming Africa Mercy
Kristin Jack and Sandrine Bussey pose in front of the incoming Africa Mercy

Two weeks of screening and we’ve filled the surgery sports for orthopedics and general surgeries!

The volunteers from our crew who went in the early hours to help with security at the Screening site

Potential patients wait in line at the Screening Center in Cotonou


And the screening team who saw each person who entered the compound


The nurses that worked to clean the hospital from top to bottom and get it set up to receive patients

Getting to tour one of my favorite contacts around the ship and watching as his smile just grew bigger and bigger

Roguy’s joyful heart that continually serves in big, small and practical ways

Having two roommates that inspire me

When people are patient and willing to try new things

New cross stitch patterns

Weekend airport runs with Dianna

Time spent discussing life and fundraising and this crazy life we live in a quiet and peaceful cabin

John, Ashley and Jillian from Arbe de Vie who we have the honor to partner with here in Benin


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