Endless Gifts (91)

Guacamole and cone conversations

Dreaming big

People doing their job quietly and excellently

Clean cars


Running into Amy in the hallway means hugs and shots of espresso

Community means someone to jump in last minute and style my hair

Men in suits

My protocol office friends miss me

A smile in the crowd while I share why I love Benin

Finally meeting Rebecca Pratt


One month girls

Rehab doing so much more than the “normal” rehab work and their creativity to take something and rework it for just one patient


A successful partners reception

The days when I feel beautiful

Sharing secrets and laughing

Coming back to find the Harry Potter book waiting for me


Watching as my friends do their jobs so well

Seeing all those blue scrubs again

Three days to time off and sleep in days!

Seeing the first patients arrive and oh the excitement here on the ship


A quiet moment of fulfillment

How Peter Koontz examples servant leadership by jumping in to help the dining room team get set up.

How a conversation about frustration helped me not overreact when their was no hot breakfast in the morning

The hospital is open and lives are changing

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