Endless Gifts (92)

Plastics kiddos laughing and smiling even while all bandaged up

The opportunity to coordinate the US Ambassador’s visit and how well it went

IS fixing my phone and not giving me a hard time about why it was “broken”

The first Equipping to Serve is done

Countdown timers

A lovely chat and the affirmation to be creative … however that looks


Pop Rocks!


When it all comes together for the community meeting and God fills in the spaces as only he can

Tom, Bethany, Tracey and Martha and how they are each uniquely living out Jesus every day

This plaque and its daily reminder


Friends who help me better my understanding and knowledge of Benin culture

When good memories are on replay

Sneaky waffles and shared hearts

Thai dinner and rooftop with dessert with Shea

And a second rooftop dessert to celebrate Sandrine


A two week staycation complete with sleep in days, coffee chats and binge watching a ridiculous but favorite show

People who respect boundaries

Togo food tour


Valerie’s kindness and generosity

Meeting family and being warmly welcomed into homes


An unexpected free one year visa to Togo

A full passport that needs to have pages added and the many memories and adventures it represents

A Spanish treat (cafe con leche leche) while sitting in a Lebanese restaurant in Togo, West Africa

Zemi rides through town

Grand Marche shopping in Lome and all the sites, all the sounds, all the smells and all the foods


An inspiring conversation about change management, development and the future

Koontz cookie notifications from multiple friends

Ward church worship rising up through the halls

Seeing my friend love her daughter and make memories with her

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