Endless Gifts (97)

Donating blood again and Jenny coming home and telling me, "Hey, we used your blood tonight" A touch up tailor is just down the hall Reminders of Seattle and affirmations the next step is home Quiet time in the Cash cabin followed by game time with the girls Togo bread The food services teams that... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (96)

One crazy, amazing, busy, beautiful week with Ashley Appy dessert with Katie and solid conversation about life beyond the ship Renewed passion for social activities Finding the purpose in my job The hospital experience tour and learning even more about this little hospital that could Peaking through an OR window to see part of a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (95)

When dentist appointments lead to a self-confidence boost That I grew up with consistent dental care in a city with clean drinking water fortified with Fluoride The global health checklist team has finished their first week of training over 28 hospitals the WHO surgical checklist The knowledge that so much of what we do here... Continue Reading →

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