Endless Gifts (93)

That I can sit on my bed and watch patients come and go

The first training course has happened and the second is in process and the WHO Checklist team is on ship… well on the road to making an impact in Benin’s healthcare system

Brinner at the retirement table

Finding the right way to introduce a topic most of us are tired of hearing

Girls night at the Jonesy’s cabin complete with Amy’s famous affogato dessert


That I met Amy all those years ago in East Texas and she’s a part of my ship family

That when you live in community someone always has that random thing you need

This little guy’s smile because it makes me smile too… and his smile is only going to get bigger and more infectious after his surgery!

Israel and his mom wait on the dock during MaxFax screening.

When the sales lady calls me a boss and gives in to my best price

New bracelet at afore mentioned best price

How Ganvie still amazes me


When the rain holds off until you get back in the car

When you catch a sunset on Deck 8


Watching movies on a big screen in a comfortable chair with chocolate cake

Refreshing conversation with Abby on a grey and rainy Sunday

First surgeries happening at the Mada OBF clinic (Freedom from Fistula)

Natalie’s courage to stay and run the Freedom from Fistula clinic in Tamatave


Sunday night services that leave room for the Spirit to speak

Watching patients do rehab on the stairs

Boutique finds that are exactly what you need when you need it

When our crew comes together and makes a very generous donation to a partner NGO

That Cat Week is a thing and the many hilarious photos out there to post

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