Endless Gifts (94)

Canlis dinner plans with Wendy… 11 months to look forward to a perfect dinner

Finding a friend who likes to wander grocery stores too

So many, many surgeries are happening and so many, many futures are being reimagined!


When you can hear the smiles, the joy and laughter from Deck 3

Krystal’s years of service with Mercy Ships and how she made such an impact on this place


A big dock space so that I can run, and podcasts to help break the boredom of dock running

When ghurkas won’t let me skip a run because of a little drizzly rain

5:00 am runs mean stars, sometimes lightening and a dock almost all to myself

Caitlin’s perfect stick for my blood donor pre-testing

Perfect and quiet nights

Honey and goat cheese experiment a friend to make and sample them with


One week until Ashley gets here!

A little sparkle to brighten dull mornings

Trivia Night and AFM Events that remind me my job has differing layers of purpose

Words that carry impact, speak inspiration and make you want to do your best

Lessons in self-control

Starting French lessons again

When church service is filling


When Bethany makes coffee and the whole cabin smells a little like Heaven

No drama laundry spot

The dive team that keeps our vents clean so we can have lights, AC and comfort


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