Endless Gifts (95)

When dentist appointments lead to a self-confidence boost

That I grew up with consistent dental care in a city with clean drinking water fortified with Fluoride

The global health checklist team has finished their first week of training over 28 hospitals the WHO surgical checklist


The knowledge that so much of what we do here will have an impact that could outlive any of us

The sterilization course led by SPECT has trained 30 people in sterile processing of surgical instruments and Christina who had the passion to teach this


Finally getting the retirement table for a meal

Dinner with Anne and Wilco

My favorite spot in the International Lounge seems to always be free

Lifegiving brainstorms and friends that listen to my many ideas

Hosting the town hall with Don Stephens and Donovan Palmer


Decisions made and peace for the future… Seattle in September 2017

Martha taking a bag of my stuff to my sister in Scotland and my mom who will take it to Seattle

The tangible reminder God cares about the small things and he will provide for every need and even a lot of my wants

The President’s visit went well and the hostesses, housekeepers and cooks that worked so hard to make it excellent 😉


Opportunities offered even if choose to pass on them

How delightful it is to climb into my princess bed after a long day of being “on”

Faith that God will provide for our Onboarding crew because he always comes through

Coffee delivered when I’m on a long phone call

Finding a funny note and Diet Coke waiting at my desk


When little patients coming running up to you for hugs and high fives

Catching up with a long time friend

The gift of a new album from iTunes

Finally sunshine on a Saturday and sitting poolside with good friends


Jesus believes in me… he believes that I am capable

Emma’s generosity and kind heart

Hearing patient stories at Community Meeting

The right to vote and absentee ballots that make it possible via fvap.gov


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