Endless Gifts (96)

One crazy, amazing, busy, beautiful week with Ashley

Appy dessert with Katie and solid conversation about life beyond the ship


Renewed passion for social activities

Finding the purpose in my job

The hospital experience tour and learning even more about this little hospital that could

Peaking through an OR window to see part of a tumor and one of the best surgeons rebuilding a face and a life

Bair Hugger blankets to warm the table and other random things found in an OR that make the experience a little more comfortable for our patients

When crew have a good and positive attitude about training

When ticket prices go down… and down again… and down again. And when there is someone to help share the cost

A trip to look forward to and knowing I will get a rest before the next Advance gears up

The exact item I wanted at the craft market for the exact price I wanted to pay

Bissap juice on a sweltering day, laughs with a friend and a missed fire drill


Introducing Ashley to zemi rides


How you don’t pick the material… the material picks you

The clinking sound of cold glass bottles of Coca-Cola after a 5km walk in direct sun


Driving 135km round trip in a Land Rover with no incident and good company for the road trip

A couple hours at the Arbre de Vie orphanage with silly smiles, giggles and cuddles while others played kickball

Rooftop dinners and port walks at night

People watching out the guest cabin window with Ashley

Small gifts from home that mean so very much and brighten a day (and taste so very good)

A week of sharing my love for this country with a ship sestra

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