Endless Gifts (97)

Donating blood again and Jenny coming home and telling me, “Hey, we used your blood tonight”


A touch up tailor is just down the hall

Reminders of Seattle and affirmations the next step is home

Quiet time in the Cash cabin followed by game time with the girls

Togo bread

The food services teams that get up so early to make sure I have breakfast and coffee when I wake up

Morning runs with beautiful views


Moments when this community comes together and we see a miracle happen 

How beautiful the word “stable” is and the depth of meaning it carries

Medical staff who run for the life of a patient because I know at a local hospital no would’ve run

That God sustains and strengthens after an already long week

That some of the most skilled and amazing medical professionals live and work here

When you combine the unlimited power of God with professional skill miracles happen all the time

Solomon cutting and laminating over 125 quotecards for the ladies retreat

That God is always good and in control and the visible reminder that he is the keeper of the storm


Asking uncomfortable questions leads to greater understanding

iTunes and Amazon gifts and the joy of new books

Dreaming for the future with Kirstie and a rooftop dessert

Nell is back in reception

Words of praise and love spoken over Joyce and her faithful 26 years of service to Mercy Ships

Medical advice is just a few steps away and never requires a copay

A refreshing ladies retreat that met my expectations to laugh a lot and challenge myself





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