Endless Gifts (99)

Daily reminders to rock this life


Waffle Night success and friends to make it happen

Nana fixed the noisy vent in the bathroom…and cleaned our drain

“The Lord grants his people the privilege of pain” and other good sermons from The Village Church podcast on my morning runs

Flavored creamer to help the dining room coffee and whoever donated said creamer


Finding passionfruit juice and surprising a friend

A beloved friend’s boldness to ask a hard question

Girls night with cake in a cup and a cheesy movie

The tailor’s sweet and perfect gift

Hearing Anni’s story of heartbreak and pain and how thankful I am that we are able to help make her life a little brighter

2:30 on Wednesdays is storytime with grade 1

International friends who watch the election results with us, who bring us Swiss chocolate and non-stress tea and greet us with comforting hugs the next morning


A lunch escape with friends who think the same and how Chawarmas are the ultimate comfort food

“Awareness is that you may need to leave to stay you.”

Starting a new book as I look to start a new season

The way Corne always says hello and uses my name… And how he does this for so many of the hundreds of Crew on board

Friday Funday includes taste testing sparkling juices for New Year’s Eve

Briana is here in Staff Development and that she is a hard worker with a kind heart and knowing she is going to meet such a need on the ship

When new people come to the ship and it feels like they’ve been here all here along

A reason to get dressed up a treasured friend to enjoy the night with!

A hairdresser friend down the hall who made my hair look stunning

The Marine Ball was as wonderful as I thought it would be and how America is so much more than just our President


Fabric shopping with Dianna and Emma Cash and passing on the “secret” of how to pick your fabric

Poolside Sunday with a good book and a good friend

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