Endless Gifts (100)

Welcoming the newest On Boarding class in a welcoming environment

When my fitbit lights up with digital fireworks because I hit my daily goal

Morning run podcast thought of the week: “God is too good to be unkind. Don’t lose heart, God is at work in the mess.”

Progress not perfection is a great motto

Candy treats waiting for me


Christmas finds in the boutique

Split waffles and coffee on a Friday morning

A small group to walk this season of leaving with

Sweet baby giggles and smiles from across the world


Tangible reminders that God is well pleased and delights in me

Mike taking the time to drill holes in 15 coins for me

The goal to be forgettable

My excellent muster station that is always the first to muster!


Twinning with Myriam three days out of seven (we’ve got good fashion sense)

Faithful people who do all aspects of their job with excellence

The youth staff who give up a good portion of their personal time to invest in and love the youth on the ship

Nana… a faithful servant in this community who I already miss seeing in the hallways

Renee’s willing and quick heart to serve and taking a kiddo to get a cast on

How planned and organized Josh is

Jillian and Ashley who make the two hour drive so often to come to the ship and how easy friendship with them is

How patiently and kindly Nell listens to silly questions and answers them with genuine thoughtfulness

“When you look at Jesus’ life it was all about friends and food”

Abby’s infectious laugh and similar sense of humor and a last dinner with her before she left for her quick trip home

Andrea’s friendship over the last years and the many conversations over shared plates of fries

The container with my Christmas gifts is here and I’ve got a responsible friend to keep my gifts until Christmas 🙂

Good quotes from Thursday night meeting: “We will always speak the compassion of Christ most clearly when we are doing medical work.”

Captain John’s willingness to help make this ship a Christmas wonderland


Lauriane’s heart to bless, to share beauty and to speak value in the tangible way that woman crave

Lere and Manda working to swap cars so we could have AC for the four hours on the road

Sakete Saturday and time spent with some of my favorites in Benin


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