Endless Gifts (101)

Positive and encouraging feedback about the management training we are starting

Even though it was cut short, 30 solid minutes with Rachel and speaking out my dream job

Cora’s laugh

That people know to just leave me be in the morning before my coffee and an ever deeper appreciation for the dining room team who know me better than I realize

Dahlia’s kindness

That there is understanding, grace and no judgment when I have a small small meltdown in the breakfast line

Unexpected donations

That I can finally send my Christmas cards… and how it still makes me giggle like crazy

Knowing that I’ll be sharing some Christmas cheer through laughter

That a friend didn’t fall all the way into the manhole… and that said friend didn’t get knocked unconscious when she fell… and that said friend is super strong and walked all the way home on a twisted ankle

Not getting stuck behind trucks when my time was running very short

Hearing new stories of God’s faithfulness and provision

Season verses

“What you are leaving isn’t better than what you are stepping into. God is working upstream of where you are putting your feet in the water at.”

Deck 7 time for the patients and a nurse that carries a patient up and down the stairs

Opportunity to do new things and to try new things in my career

That I have been created to look at things differently than some… even though it makes me feel odd and quirky at times, there are moments where it makes me feel just right

Thai Thanksgiving dinner and pineapple boat desserts with new friends and old

And pumpkin pie for breakfast the next day and a delightful late morning brunch with the Walls and Stulls

Podcasting with April and a long chat after

Hope for what is to come in the future

Weekend Christmas decorating in cabin 4324 with Jenny and a sneaky trip to the boutique for some really great finds

A friend’s unexpected smile

Fresh baked cookie delivery

How amazing Coca-Cola tastes when it comes in a glass bottle on a hot hot day

A very generous gift to bless the ship kids and the joy of toy shopping for the kids

Morning run podcast thought: “How can you believe in Genesis 1:1 – ‘God created…out of nothing he created’ but not believe God will do incredible things to intervene into the world and in your life?”

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