Endless Gifts (102)

Starbucks treats and sharing information

Pre birthday dinner of mozzarella sticks and deconstructed chocolate brownie sundae with Dianna and Shea

Martha’s example of serving




The sound of a cast being removed and knowing a kiddo is one step closer to straight legs

Eliza’s sweet and sensitive spirit

Hope in God is never disappointed

Passionfruit juice at a birthday lunch with the Cash crew

The first grade class singing happy birthday in three languages (English, French and Dutch)

Dinner with my Gateway family happy treats for breakfast the next morning

Flowers found on my desk, sweet treats and kind words throughout the day

A most incredibly hilarious and thoughtful gift

Happy birthday wishes from my Scottish loves


Playdoh reminders that I will never be what I was before

Quotable Christmas movies that never get old

Free pineapple juice while I waited

The missing fairy lights were found!

Quick trip to the beach and a few extra minutes with the Valks

The kindness of Christmas helpers


A beautiful ship Christmas and the many hands that helped

The gift of proper brunch


Surrounded by amazing women of excellence and great beauty

Laundry time conversations and people watching

Discovering Dressember

Psalm 36



Words of Truth and life and love that were spoken were also written down


The cutest advent video

Cruising the ship on a Friday night with lots of laughs and an impromptu fashion show

Knowing I was able to spread Christmas cheer with some good belly laughs

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